star.gifFinishing up - There are many different things that can be added or deleted from a video at this point to make it a "Finished" project. The most important is of these is editing out nonessential or unwanted parts followed by the beginning and ending credits.

  • Editing - It is time to preview your movie looking through all of your individual segments or the entire production looking for: sections that cause the video to move in a different format from your original plan, issues within any scenes that need to be redone or removed or narrative/ dialogue that is not easily understood or not heard well. At this point, you need to determine if any transitions need to be added between scenes (if there is more than one) in order to break the flow of the story because of a change in mood or feeling. Items that need to be placed into the video at this point are:
    • Beginning title - Name of movie and any other important information for the viewer to know
    • Transitions or effects between scenes
    • Ending credits including citations - Do not forget to cite all of the sources that were used for images, characters, music, sources of information, etc.
    • Background music or sound effects - Only use these if it enhances the film as picking the round sound effects and soundtrack can make a movie fall apart if not used correctly.

  • Promotion - Don't forget to tell everyone all about your movie making accomplishment. Create placards, posters, tickets, advertisements for school news shows and anything else that you could use to let everyone know about your movie.

  • Screening Party/Celebration - All the hard work has paid off so don't forget the celebration. Have a "Screening Party" for all parents, students and administration. Whether you have a class celebration or a parent night it is important to bring closure to the project. Don't forget the popcorn!!!