star.gifThe foundation to any movie making endeavor comes down to the amount and type of planning that is done prior to shooting the movie! Several items come into play in the Pre-Production phase:
  • Grouping Students will allow each person to take an active role in the project. When grouping student, establishing roles is also important so that the students know exactly what they are responsible for within the guidelines of the project.

  • Organize a Timeline to create a deadline schedule for the students to follow or allow student groups to plan their project based on a time schedule, allowing them to understand the time constraints that the project will need to follow for each person in their group.

  • Creating a Concept can be completed by the teacher or the students within their group. If you choose to give the students more freedom in the type of movie that they are going to create you will end up with a variety of products.
    • Talk Show
    • Interview
    • Game Show
    • Historical Recreation
    • Narrative

  • Storyboarding is a great way to teach the students how to organize their script. They can use this component as a "plan" for writing their script by drawing out what they want the characters to do within their story.

  • Scriptwriting is the essential piece to complete before moving onto the production phase. Without the dialogue or sequence of events in the correct order, the movie will not make sense to the audience. Some of the important items to consider at this stage may include:
    • Location/Background
    • Needed Materials

  • Citations and noting copyright concerns needs to happen at the beginning, middle and end of this entire process. In other words....... ALL THE TIME ! Students must be cognoscente about the fact that everything on the internet is not "free for the taking" and even it it has been allowed to be used by students, must be given proper citations within their project.