• Welcome and Introductions

  • Expectations

    "Moviemaking and storytelling can become an overwhelming endeavor for both teachers and students in the classroom due to the amount of time, preparation, work and materials that are involved. We are going to scale back a bit and show you how to make movies and tell stories in a way that can be easily managed using your iPads, apps and a table. Moviemaking and storytelling are a great way to meet the diverse needs of all learners. Students work in small groups for pre-production, production and post production. The teacher can set up these groups based on individualized student strengths and weaknesses. These lessons are a great way to integrate the Universal Design for Learning by providing flexible and multiple means of expression through the use of audio, video and/or written materials. This type of lesson also embraces the Common Core Standards of Writing and Language Arts through the use of creative expression and digital content."

  • Our Mission

  • Steps in the Moviemaking Process

    • Pre-production

    • Production

    • Post-Production

  • Meeting the Needs of all Learners

  • Differentiation

  • UDL